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Angular 2: Reactive Forms

Angular Reactive Forms: You can build forms in Angular with a template-driven approach using HTML and data binding, or a Reactive approach by defining the form model and validation in our component code. In this course, Angular Reactive Forms, you'll first learn how build Reactive forms. Next you'll learn how to validate user-entered data Finally, you'll wrap up learning how to save that data using HTTP. By the end of this course, you will have a simple, but fully operational Angular application that includes a Reactive form…

Angular 2: Getting Started

Angular: Getting Started: Whether you are new to Angular or new to Angular 2, if you want to create great web apps and stay up to date on the latest app development technologies, you're going to want to come up to speed quickly with Angular 2's components, templates, and services. This course provides the basics you need to get started building an Angular 2 application. First, you'll learn how to set up your environment, learning about components, templates, and data binding and how they work together. Next, you'll discover…

Angular 2: Getting Started

Angular 2: Getting Started: An update to this course has been published and is found at For the most updated version please visit the link above.