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A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript. The new tech-assisted approach that requires half the effort

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This book is 1/3 of a package
that teaches JavaScript to beginners.
The other 2/3 of the package is free.

You can purchase The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders for $111.66. Will reading it qualify you to practice psychiatry?

It takes more than a book.

No one would think they could become a psychiatrist, airline pilot, or pro golfer by reading a book. Yet plenty of people hope They are able to become a programmer that way. They are able to’t, and for the same reason you’ll’t expect to fly a 737 after reading a flight manual.

Like any set of skills, learning to program requires not just reading, but practice—supervised practice, with someone guiding you and correcting your mistakes. That’s why coding bootcamps can be so effective.

No bootcamp? No problem.

If you don’t happen to have $8,000 or more for a bootcamp, I will offer you a pretty good alternative: supervised practice, made conceivable by technology, that’s not just affordable, but free.

Read. Practice. Practice some more.

After each short chapter of the book, I send you to my website where, at no charge, you complete twenty interactive exercises that beef up what’s covered in the chapter. These exercises are supervised by—what else in the age of Alexa?—algorithms. I’ve built a code-checking engine that is constantly looking over your shoulder, telling you when your code isn’t quite right and asking you to re-code.

“I’ve signed up to a few sites like Udemy, Codecademy, FreeCodeCamp, Lynda, YouTube videos, even searched on Coursera but nothing gave the impression to work for me. This book takes only 10 minutes each chapter and after that, you’ll exercise what you’ve just learned right away!” —Amazon reviewer Constanza Morales

Better than just reading. And more fun.

You’ll spend two to three times as much time practicing as reading. That’s what it takes to learn to code. It’s how you wind up satisfied, confident, and proud, instead of perplexed, discouraged, and defeated. And since many people find doing things more enjoyable than reading things, it can be a pleasure to learn this way, quite apart from the impressive results you achieve.

“Very effective and fun.” —Amazon reviewer A. Bergamini

Written especially for beginners.

I wrote the book and exercises especially for people who are new to programming. Making no assumptions about what you already know, I walk you through JavaScript slowly, patiently. I give an explanation for every little thing in sixth-grade English. I avoid unnecessary technical jargon like the plague. (Face it, fellow authors, it is the plague.)

“The layman syntax he uses…makes it much easier to suddenly realize a concept that seemed abstract and too hard to wrap your head around is suddenly not complicated at all.” — Amazon reviewer IMHO

The exercises keep you focused, give you extra practice where you’re shaky, and prepare you for each next step. Every lesson is built on top of a solid foundation that you and I have carefully constructed. Each individual step is small. But, as Amazon reviewer James Toban says, when you get to the end of the book, you’ve built “a tower of JavaScript.”

If you’re an accomplished programmer already, my book may be too elementary for you. (Do you in reality need to be told what a variable is?) But if you’re new to programming, more than a thousand five-star reviews are pretty good evidence that my book may be just the one to get you coding JavaScript successfully.

“Mark Myers’ method of getting what can be…difficult information into a format that makes it exponentially easier to consume, really understand, and synthesize into real-world application is beyond anything I’ve encountered before.” —Amazon reviewer Jason A. Ruby

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