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  • What’s New

    Smaller Faster

    In this release we deliver on our promise to make Angular applications smaller and faster.

  • div *ngIf=”userList | async as users; else loading”

     user-profile *ngFor=”let user of users; count as count; index as i” [user]=”user”
    User {{i}} of {{count}}


    Universal, the project that allows developers to run Angular on a server, is now up to date with Angular again, and this is the first release since Universal, originally a community-driven project, was adopted by the Angular team.

  • To learn more about taking advantage of Angular Universal, take a look at the new renderModuleFactory method in @angular/platform-server, or Rob Wormald’s Demo Repository.
  • Packaging Changes

    Flat ES Modules (Flat ESM / FESM)

    We now ship flattened versions of our modules (“rolled up” version of our code in the EcmaScript Module format, see example file).

  • Imports from @angular/core were deprecated, use imports from the new package import { trigger, state, style, transition, animate } from ‘@angular/animations’;.