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Angular 2 wrapper for Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor

  • Installing Froala Wysiwyg Editor in Ionic is fairly easy, it can be done using npm:

    In your desired view add the Froala Editor like this:

    Note: you can skip this part if you already have application generated.

  • You can extend the functionality by adding a custom button like bellow:

    You can also use the editor on img, button, input and a tags:

    The model must be an object containing the attributes for your special tags.

  • As the button text is modified by the editor, the innerHTML attribute from buttonModel model will be modified too.
  • Where is the name of a function in your component which will receive an object with different methods to control the editor initialization process.
  • The object received by the function will contain the following methods:

    To display content created with the froala editor use the froalaView directive.


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