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Angular2 SDK for image and video management in the cloud

  • Cloudinary’s AngularJS (AKA Angular1) SDK can be found here

    Cloudinary is a cloud service that offers a solution to a web application’s entire image management pipeline.

  • The image tag can contain optional tags that will be used as chained transformations:

    Will be compiled by Angular to:

    The cl-video component generates a tag with requested transformation, type, and format.

  • The following example from the sample projects demonstrates setting the opacity to 50% when hovering on top of an element:

    These directives transform the given URI to a cloudinary URL.

  • For example:

    Will be compiled by Angular to:

    See additional usage examples here and in the sample projects.

  • Both sample applications demonstrate a basic photo gallery showcasing basic image transformations and upload of new images either by a file input dialog or by drag-and-drop.