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Restangular for Angular 2 and higher versions.

  • ({name }, , {param }, {}) } }

    @ ({ }) { allAccounts; accounts; account; ( ) { } () { First way of creating a this.restangular object.

  • You can set all these configurations in RestangularModule to change the global configuration, you can also use the withConfig method in Restangular service to create a new Restangular service with some scoped configuration or use withConfig in component to make specified Restangular

    You can configure Restangular “withConfig” like in example below, you can also configure them globally RestangularModule or in service with withConfig

    The base URL for all calls to your API.

  • After each element has been “restangularized” (Added the new methods from Restangular), the corresponding transformer will be called if it fits.
  • This callback is a function that has 4 parameters:

    This can be used together with (Explained later) to add custom methods to an element

    The responseInterceptor is called after we get each response from the server.

  • It’s a function that receives this arguments:

    Some of the use cases of the responseInterceptor are handling wrapped responses and enhancing response elements with more methods among others.