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Official repository

  • You can configure the default HTTP host and port used by the development server with two command-line options :

    You can use the (or just ) command to generate Angular components:

    ng generate component my-new-component ng g component my-new-component if in the directory src/app/feature/ and you run ng g component new-cmp your component will be generated in src/app/feature/new-cmp ng g component .

  • If you’re using Angular CLI or less, you need to uninstall package.
  • It should be done due to changing of package’s name and scope from to :

    To update Angular CLI to a new version, you must update both the global package and your project’s local package.

  • Any changes to the files in the folder will immediately affect the global package, allowing you to quickly test any changes you make to the cli project.
  • Now the you cloned before is in three places: The folder you cloned it into, npm’s folder where it stores global packages and the Angular CLI project you just created.