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Build a Chat Application

Updated to Angular 4. Learn the Ngrx Store and its Library Ecosystem. Build a Chat Application.

  • In this course we are going to learn the Angular Ngrx library ecosystem, namely everything that revolves around the Ngrx Store and Ngrx Effects library, and store architectures in general.
  • In this course we are going to understand exactly what was the real problem behind the Facebook counter bug, and learn the new frontend software architecture that it originated: Flux.
  • We are going to build the application using Reactive Programming principles and a set of libraries of the Angular Reactives Extensions (Ngrx) Ecosystem: this will include the Ngrx Store, Ngrx Effects, DB, Router integration.
  • The goal of the course is simple: you will be proficient in the Flux and single store architectures and will know when to use a store solution and why, what are the reasons and more common use cases for doing so.
  • You will know how to develop applications using RxJs and the Ngrx Store, understand the concepts related to store architectures and know how to setup the developers tools and use the most important libraries of the Ngrx ecosystem.

Angular NgRx Store Masterclass

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