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Angular 2: First Look

This course is a gentle introduction to the changes that Angular 2 brings, how they compare to Angular 1, and provides an understanding of the architecture and how the core concepts work together to build applications.

  • Welcome to my course, Angular 2 First Look.
  • This course is a gentle introduction to the evolution of Angular 2.
  • It provides overarching view of Angular 2 and how the core concepts fit together to help us build applications.
  • I’ve updated and extended this course including it’s code samples to reflect the final release of Angular 2.
  • The major topics we’ll cover are:

    By the end of the course we’ll have learned these concepts and more, and be well on our way to building Angular 2 apps.Before beginning this course you should familiar with JavaScript, but you don’t have to be an expert by any means.Please join me on this journey to learn Angular 2, with the Angular 2 First Look course, on Pluralsight.

Angular: First Look

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