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Material Design Lite Ext (carusel, grid, lightbox, selectfield, sticky header, …)

  • The problem with media queries is that they relates to the viewport – so every time you write a media query for or , you’re connecting the appearance of your module to the width of the entire canvas, not the part of the canvas the component occupies.
  • If you choose to use element queries, import

    It is possible to use a selection of the provided MDLEXT components.

  • Run , then run and open a browser @ http://localhost:8080/

    The Material Design Lite Ext (MDLEXT) bordered fields component demonstrates how you can create your own theme of MDL text fields.

  • The Material Design Lite Ext (MDLEXT) select field component is an enhanced version of the standard [HTML ] element.
  • If you use Material Design Lite in a dynamic page, e.g. a single page application, you must call and accordingly to properly initialize an clean up component resources when sections of the page is updated.


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