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Angular 2 OAuth2 OIDC from Manfred Steyer

  • The settings in the next sample point to an OAuth2/OIDC Auth Server that is available online an can be used for testing:

    The method checks, whether the app has got security tokens via the hash-fragment of the URL.

  • It parses those tokens and extracts information of the current user.
  • For this, it calls a web api, that checks its signature:

    To redirect the user to the login-form of the Auth Server, the app has only to call the method that is provided by the .

  • The template of this component binds to those properties:

    To keep unauthorized users away from some routes the application can use guards.

  • This property does not directly point to the guards to use but to tokens that can be used to request the guards via DI:

    In the current case, the guard is used as its token as well.

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