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Writing Angular 2 in Typescript

  • If you have wondered why there are so many editors with great TypeScript supports, the answer is the language services.The fact that intellisense and basic refactorings (e.g., rename a symbol) are reliable makes a huge impact on the process of writing and especially refactoring code.
  • In addition, you cannot use tools analyzing JavaScript source code (e.g., JSHint), but there are usually adequate replacements.TypeScript is a Superset of JavaScriptSince TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, you don’t need to go through a big rewrite to migrate to it.
  • We have no idea what options go into the settings object (neither their names nor their types), or what this function returns.There is no way we can call this function without checking the source code or the documentation.
  • But if any of the readers can find a study on how types affect code readability, please leave a comment.One thing that is different about TypeScript comparing to many other languages compiled to JavaScript is that its type annotations are optional, and jQuery.ajax(url, settings) is still valid TypeScript.
  • This is a weaker argument that it used to be as most editors at this point have excellent TypeScript support.Elm and PureScript are elegant languages with powerful type systems that can prove a lot more about your program than TypeScript can.

Angular: Why TypeScript? – Angular

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