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Angular Seed

Seed project for Angular apps

  • provides the following features:

    Note that this seed project requires node v4.x.x or higher and npm 2.14.7 but in order to be able to take advantage of the complete functionality we strongly recommend node >=v6.5.0 and npm >=3.10.3.

  • In order to start the seed use:

    git clone –depth 1 angular-seed npm install yarn install # watches your files and uses livereload by default npm start npm run compodoc npm run serve.compodoc # to start deving with livereload site and coverage as well as continuous testing npm run start.deving npm run npm run # dev build of multiple applications (by default the value of –app is “app”) npm start — –app baz npm start — –app foo npm start — –app bar

    Does not rely on any global dependencies.

  • The environment can be specified by using:

    Currently the s are , , , but you can simply add a different file file in order to alter extra such environments.

  • npm run # NB: The command above might fail with a “EMFILE: too many open files” error.
  • end-to-end, integration) – In three different shell windows # Make sure you don’t have a global instance of Protractor # Make sure you do have Java in your PATH (required for webdriver) # npm install webdriver-manager <- Install this first for e2e testing # npm run webdriver-update <- You will need to run this the first time npm run webdriver-start npm run serve.e2e npm run e2e # Instead of last command above, you can use: npm run You can learn more about Protractor Interactive Mode here Please see the CONTRIBUTING file for guidelines.

Angular Seed

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