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Material Light

Light, fast and easy to use Material Design components for Angular 2+ (Especially for mobile UI). There are several alternatives but this one has added value and advantages in my opinion (Take a loot at the for details). There is also an online demo to see it in action. (API documentation is still lacking but in process).

  • There are other adaptations of Material Design Lite and other UI frameworks like the official Material Design 2, but this library has the following features:

    The main goal was to achieve minimalism and performance, not to encompass all posible kind of options or UI components (this is the philosophy of Material Design Light too).

  • If you find this project useful and are going to use it, please give a star in the repo and credits to the author and to Material Design Lite from Google

    Terms of use under MIT license.

  • Material Icons must be included from into your To have AOT working you must execute the following steps: Import the component modules from in your own module.
  • Component modules have file name For example, if you want to use , import in your module and place in your template Use the components following the examples in the directory.
  • Use as base component to place inside it all other components This project does not work in full strict Typescript mode.


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