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Creating map based web apps using Cesium and Angular

  • In the real world – we would like to merge all of this map objects into a single entity e.g. an airplane consists of a billboard(icon) and a label.
  • Now, let’s create a simple airplanes layer and go through it’s definitions: First of all – the data source for a layer must be an RxJs stream.
  • Second – every notification on the stream should be of type AcNotification:

    id – unique entity key, – the data itself for the entity, – presents what happened to the entity.

  • In case is passed – the entity will be removed from the map.
  • Now, assuming that each entity on this stream presents a plane, lets assume that each plane consits of this schema:

    Now, Let’s look at this piece of code:

    Now, after we have defined our layer and decided that each entity on the stream will be called , let’s drill down into the definitions of how an entity should look like.


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