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Angular 2 bootstrap4 OAuth2 Webpack from Michael Oryl

  • Angular 2 skeleton app with Bootstrap 4 and OAuth2 integration, all packaged up and served with Webpack

    This application is meant to be a starting point for you to work with Angular 2 and OAuth2, with the added benefits of itegrating the upcoming Bootstrap 4 (in alpha as this project was started) and packaging everything in an easy to use system through the use of Webpack.

  • There are some basic Grunt tasks defined that will help you create custom builds of Bootstrap or to change the configuration of your application’s OAuth2 config.
  • is the URL that the OAuth2 server should redirect the user to so that our application can fetch the access token from the browser window.
  • To build a test/dev build of the site, run the following command:

    If you require a production ready version of the application that has debugging disabled and has been uglified, then use this command instead:

    Note that the prod build command will also do a ‘grunt env:prod’ to copy to before running webpack and building the ZIP file.

  • Once you have it customized, you can use the main project’s Grunt setup to build Bootstrap 4 and to copy the needed CSS and JS files into the main A2B4O2OM application.


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