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  • With Faristo you can utilise templates and “embeds” to generate code for different languages, frameworks and projects (like Angular, Django, etc.).
  • Embeds can contain custom code, further Faristo mini language code and additional embeds, enabling further ways of code extensions within code extensions (capturing knowledge).
  • For a short introduction you can watch this video:

    Template keywords are case insensitive and must start at position 1 of a line and start with:

    Faristo will construct a filename to look for embed code to use.

  • So when for instance Faristo is generating app.component.ts and in the template there is an embed point with name custom then Faristo will look for a file called In other words, if you want to embed some code in the app.component.ts file at the position where the “custom” embedpoint is, you create an embed file with filename you want to combine code blocks in one embed file but want to place these blocks at different places in the generated file, you can use a section.
  • So if you have a table with three fields; field1, field2 and field3 and you use “” as name_extension, Faristo will will look for embed code in,, (that is when you loop over the fields).


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