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Shared TSLint & codelyzer rules by fulls1z3

  • The value of the software produced is directly affected by the quality of the codebase, and not every developer might

    For that purpose, we need to use static code analysis tools such as TSLint and codelyzer to check readability, maintainability, and functionality errors.

  • Containing a set of TSLint and codelyzer rules, has been compiled using many contributions from colleagues, commercial/open-source projects and some other sources from the Internet, as well as years of development using the Angular framework.
  • I’ll try to revise and republish these rules with new insights, experiences and remarks in alignment with the updates on TSLint and codelyzer.
  • Note: The following set of rules depend on:

    You can install using

    Note: You should have already installed TSLint and codelyzer.

  • To use these TSLint rules, use configuration inheritance via the keyword.


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