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Angular2 D3v4 Seed

Angular2 D3v4 implementation of charts, graphs, area and view porting seed project

  • This project intends to give an easy-to-use starter for developing and publishing an Angular NPM module, so that it then be installed through the regular command by other users.
  • The whole project is heavily inspired by Cyrille Tuzi, through his How to build and publish an Angular module Medium post.
  • Once you have some nice amount of code put into your services, components, filters…, it’s probably a good time to compile your module and taste the rewards for your hard work.
  • These are the steps:

    { dest , change this to your module’s name moduleName , change this to your module’s name globals { Your module use Angular things (at least the NgModule decorator), but your bundle should not include Angular.

  • I suggest creating a separate Angular project and importing your module into it.


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