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Angular Webpack with Visual Studio ASP.NET Core from Damien Bowden

  • The NPM Task Runner can be used to build the client application from inside Visual Studio.
  • This task runner can be downloaded from:

    The ASP.NET Core application contains both the server side API services and also hosts the Angular client application.

  • The watch-webpack-dev npm script automatically starts in Visual Studio because it has been added to the package.json:

    All available commands are the following:

    For the Angular app, we use JiT compilation.

  • The xUnit test for ASP.NET Core API is in folder:

    or from Visual Studio: Test -> Run -> All Tests

    See this link for more details on xUnit testing in ASP.NET Core: Angular test is in angularApp/tests folder.

  • It uses Karma test runner and Jasmine test framework:

    See this link for more details on Angular testing: Webpack configuration could also build all of the scss and css files to a separate app.css or app.


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