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Angular 2 Goldilocks seed

A seed project for Angular 2 and TypeScript that is not too simple, yet not too complex. In fact it’s just right!

  • I found a few ‘seed’ projects, which provide a good starting point for Angular 2.0 development, however the ones I found were either too simple or far too complicated for my needs.
  • This project has TypeScript compilation, source maps, linting, live reload and also packages the built output into a distribution folder.
  • Clone or copy this project, then use npm to fetch the dependencies:

    If you haven’t used gulp before, install it as a global:

    You should see something like the following:

    The built output is now in the folder – you can now start up a local development server to see the results:

    For faster development cycles you can run the following:

    This command runs the build and starts up a development server pointing at the output.

  • The folder is watched for changes with the development server reloading automatically when the changes have been built.
  • The following is a brief overview of everything in this project:

    For Angular 2 / TypeScript development I am using the Atom editor with the atom-typescript plugin, which together with linter-ts.


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