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Comprehensive Introduction to @ngrx/store

  • 1 Single, immutable state tree updated only through explicitly defined and dispatched actions

    The second integral part of a store application is reducers.

  • Because store provides an entry point both before and after dispatched actions hit application reducers, problems such as syncing slices of state to local storage, advanced logging, and implementing sagas are easily solved with a quick package include and a few lines of code.
  • In the context of Store, these subscribers could be a Angular 2 service, component, or anything requiring access to application state.
  • In a Store application, all dispatched actions must be passed through a specific pipeline before a new representation of state is passed into store, to be emitted to all observers.
  • Like a snowball rolling down hill, reducers accumulate value through iteration…

    Reducers are the foundation of any Store or Redux-based application, describing sections of state and their potential transformations based on dispatched action types.

A Comprehensive Introduction to @ngrx/store

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