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Haxe on Wikipedia

  • Haxe is computer software, a high-level, cross-platform, multi-paradigm programming language and compiler that can produce applications and source code, for many different computing platforms, from one code-base.
  • [26]

    To help leverage extant code, the open-source community has created source code converters for:

    To help build applications in various platforms, or convert Haxe code into other languages, the Haxe compiler can compile Haxe to: ActionScript 3,[29] C++,[30] C#,[31] Java,[32] PHP,[33] Python.

  • [34]

    The Haxe language can compile into bytecode for different virtual machines such as the Adobe Flash Player and Neko, and can generate source code in ActionScript 3, JavaScript, Lua, and includes experimental support for C++ and C#.

  • Since Haxe had its origins in ActionScript 3, all of the extant Flash API can be used, although Haxe requires better-formed code and programming standards than Adobe compilers (for example, regarding scoping and data typing).
  • Anonymous types in Haxe are analogous to the implicit interfaces of the language Go as to typing.


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