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Angular 2 for AngularJS deverlopers

  • Both AngularJS and Angular 2 can be used with normal ES5, but most folks should be using use ES2015 with AngularJS and with Angular 2 it is highly recommended to use TypeScript.
  • In our AngularJS example, we had to tell Angular manually to reflect our changes since the core directive already ran.
  • With Angular 2 again we have to say what providers are in this component then we inject our using our type as the token then we are also using TypeScript’s emitMetadata feature that essentially does what we did with ng-annotate in AngularJS.
  • With AngularJS, we compose our components nearly the same way as we do with Angular 2.
  • (There are ways to have the same effect in Angular 2 that would provide us with the same workflow but more on that in the next article)

    AngularJS had an idea of and are the ViewModel to our views since they represent the current state of our view.

Angular 2 for AngularJs Developers
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